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The ABS EffeX Revolution was initiated 2009 by the introduction of the world’s first submersible sewage pump with an IE3 premium efficiency motor – ABS submersible sewage pump XFP.

Now we are pleased to announce additional options that make this a full-covering advanced wastewater pump range.

Pushing available technology to the limit, the ABS submersible sewage pumps XFP offer the utmost in terms of pump reliability, highest blockage resistance and lower operational costs. Making use of a premium-efficiency IE3 motor (in accordance with IEC 60034-30) throughout the whole range in combination with optimized hydraulics gives the best total efficiency available on the market today.

Incorporating advanced technological features the extended pump range now offers:

Motor capacity from 1kW to 350 kW for the 50 Hz and 2 kW to 400 kW for the 60 Hz

IE3 motor range up to the highest defined power of 375 kW in IEC 60034-30

Closed loop cooling system for models up to 350 kW (50 Hz) and 400 kW (60 Hz)

Contrablock Plus advanced hydraulic system up to DN 200

Off-shelf delivery for pumps up to 45 kW (50 Hz) and 52 kW (60 Hz)

“We are proud to be able to present a complete range meeting the demand of wastewater facilities to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. These pumps perfectly match current and anticipated legislation in many countries,” says Marc Redit, Head of Business Development at Cardo Flow Solutions.

Source: ABS

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