Rotor bomba KSB KRT

In mid-2006, the KSB Group launched a number of new sizes of its diagonal single vane impellers for KRT and Sewatec waste water pumps.

Now the powerful so-called ”D-type impeller” is also available especially for low volume flow applications in small municipal plant projects.

Previously, above all conventional impeller types such as single vane, channel or free flow impellers have been employed in this range (DN 80 – DN 150). The open single vane impeller combines high efficiency with the ability to cope with waste water containing long fibres or solid substances. Thanks to a continuously adjustable wear plate, efficiency levels can be maintained over a long period even when abrasive media are handled.

As a result of the trend towards conserving drinking water and separating rainwater and waste water, the waste water to be handled has become ”thicker”. And as the waste water’s solids content is constantly on the increase, modern sewage treatment processes must cope with ever decreasing water proportions.

This is why even for small waste water pumps operators demand non-clogging impellers offering reliable operation in spite of high efficiencies. The so-called non-overloading characteristic also contributes to such operating reliability. It makes sure that the pump motor will not be overloaded if the pump operates against very low back pressure.

Picture: The open diagonal single vane impeller by KSB (photo: KSB Frankenthal).


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